Artists will be painting their walls in August between Tuesday 23rd and Saturday 29th from noon-ish till sundown. After hours, we have planned some events where we’ll all be holding cans of beer, not aerosol.
Please join us on the following dates:

Monday, Aug 22

Painting and Events Begin

Tuesday, Aug 23

NW 5th & Davis, 9:30pm

Live video projection by Parisian video artist El Popo Sangre (Paulin Rogues) on the Mason Ehrman Building.

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“The name El Popo Sangre translates as ‘the blood poo’ (great start) and he subjects his CGI readymades – created in MakeHuman and manipulated in C4D – to something more personal and transformative. His human figures are caught between shocking fetish and something deeply personal.

His interest in mishandling the body has something in common with Claudia Mate, Mike Pelletier, Albert Omoss and Geoffrey Lillemon but is very distinct, often due to the panda-patterning of his figures’ faces and the recurring scenes of psychosexual dynamics. He distorts body parts in an instantly recognisable style, even when toned down and Staff Picked, as with his recent film Postiche, which as he says is ‘a play I wrote in 2007, with its freshness, innocence and mistakes.’ Postiche translates as either ‘false’ or ‘hairpiece’. You decide.

Paulin says his work “expresses emotion with a medium absolutely disconnected from that: a computer” and in Postiche you can clearly detect a Dadaist disavowal of the expressive, despite the charged subject matter. The work doesn’t have rationale, despite being conveyed through a highly rational medium. It has the spontaneity of a sketch and is full of ambiguities that are normally excised from CGI, being as it is a traditionally laborious medium with a low tolerance for ambiguity.

Because of it’s industrial nature, CGI tends to have any elements of drag streamlined out of it, and in the work of El Popo Sangre, that drag is the work itself. And that’s not just glitch, by the way – I’m not interested in yet another example of the same worn critical clichés about the digital. This sort of work isn’t just addressing the materiality of an immaterial medium, but the drag of creativity – or sexuality, even. Perhaps, as Paulin suggested via email, CGI now offers him less drag than a ‘dead’ pencil sketch.”
– Alan Warburton, CGWTF


“Rogues’ work takes some familiar new media art tropes—the hyper-colored virtual avatars and environments—and applies a narrative to them to create mesmerizingly beautiful, mysterious and humorous virtual worlds. His work blends science fiction, especially the cyberpunk genre, with literary absurdism and the psychedelic-sexual shamanism of Alejandro Jodorowsky.”
– DJ Pangburn, The Creators Project

Thursday, Aug 25

Disjecta, 7pm – 11pm

Performance & Ritual by Lucien Shapiro and The House of ia. Indoor and outdoor performances, as well as public mural work by Molly Bounds, Alex Gardner, and Maxwell McMaster.

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FFTT is a non-profit art project providing public platforms for local and international artists in Portland, Oregon. With over 50 public murals in the past 4 years, FFTT is now looking to engage the public through a variety of mediums, including performance, video, and sculpture.

Dancing between life and death, Lucien Shapiro’s art is rife with found objects, textures, cast forms, manipulations, raw substances, oddities and multiple personalities. Composed of elaborately constructed masks and ornately armored weaponry, his work examines a relationship between modern waste and memories of ancient cultural artifacts. Practices and customs from the past are brought back to light through Shapiro’s revival of discarded materials, transformed into objects analogous with self protection. Behind masks and armor, we’re enabled with the power to separate and shield ourselves from reality, creating new identities through a deliberate opposition of our true selves. Utilizing raw materials correlated to various forms of addiction such as drugs, violence, and collections, Shapiro’s sculptures embody the act of compulsive preoccupation. Here, Shapiro performs a ritual with an accompanying film that asks the audience to acknowledge the fact that we all have fears.

Entwined within the thin shroud of condition and creation, we deploy performance as a strategy to explore alterity; fabricating a practice of intimate experimentation, queering our social and interpersonal rituals of relating while engaging in resistance as a form of generation.

The House of ia birthed in 2012 and is the collaborative conceptions of Jillayne Hunter and kb Thomason.

Friday, Aug 26th

Whitsell Auditorium, 9:15pm – 10:15pm

FFTT Short Films with NW Film Center

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Over the past four years, local and international artists have created over 50 public murals in the city of Portland through the Forest For The Trees project. With dozens of paintings permanently adorning the walls of the city, Forest For The Trees wanted to give these artists an opportunity to share work through new mediums. This year, Forest For The Trees has expanded its programming beyond the still image, by inviting a handful of current and past participants, as well as local filmmakers, to share original short films. The lineup includes first time filmmakers, award-winning directors, painters, sculptors, illustrators, muralists and animators.

The following artists are included in this program: El Popo Sangre, Gage Hamilton & Nesto, Gus Van Sant, JJ Peterson & Bryan Rudd, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Souther Salazar.

Co-presented by the Northwest Film Center and Forest For The Trees.

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